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Types of Body Fillers for Cars: What You Need to Know

Made from top-quality resin that has the highest stain-resistance of the three, premium grade body fillers are the easiest to sand down and offer the best adhesion of filler materials to underlying surfaces. This type of body filler is best used when high-quality work is required or there are large areas or dents needing to be repaired.

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Luckily, there is something that can help with that, though: body fillers. At AutoZone, we have a selection of the best body fillers for cars and trucks so you never need to leave the garage with your car, truck or SUV looking anything less than pristine. Patch Up Like a Pro

3M Bondo Pro Series 1-qt. High Bond Filler and Hardener ...


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Whether you are performing a body off restoration or repairing dents and door dings, Eastwood has the auto body fillers you need to achieve professional results. We carry a full selection of Eastwood, Evercoat, USC, and Bondo auto body fillers, including Rage Gold, Rage Extreme, Metal2Metal, All-Metal, DuraGlass, Bondo-Dynalite and much more.

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Acquire High Quality Filler and a Mixing BoardFor filling in dents and scratches, you'll need high-quality auto body filler and a mixing board to prep and apply it. Don't skip meticulous preparation for auto body work! To learn more about applying filler properly, check out our guide that walks you through the process.Task LightingWhen it comes to taking stock of a dent and working on a repair ...

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Use a spot putty over that , or a surfacer (a spray on high build undercoat)finish sand, and seal coat with epoxy, and apply topcoats. Don't mix your filler with too much hardener, and try not to work air bubbles into it too. The bondo sticks better to the epoxy than to bare metal,...

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Mar 10, 2008 · Bondo is a brand of body filler, but it’s also the generic term for plastic filler that, when uttered, makes many car guys cringe. Anyone restoring an old car knows what it’s like to start working on it and find salves of the stuff on damaged bodywork, troweled there by a previous body “sculptor” to get a car straight quickly.

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May 09, 2011 · Whats your guys opinion on the best water-proof body filler? I will be using it to fill some small imperfections in some welds and body work, so I really don't need chopped fiberglass in it like most the waterproof fillers. Don't want to use the regular stuff as I …

Bondo 101 - Basic For Working With Plastic Body Filler

Every high-end custom car or restoration has body filler on it. Using it on your daily driver or project is not a bad thing, as long as you use it the right way. Like most plastic body fillers, Bondo is a lightweight polyester-based plastic body filler that was originally developed as an alternative to lead body solder. The Bondo brand name was ...

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Which Auto Body Filler is the Best. Tags: Body Filler. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet; Every body shop will have its own preferences when it comes to buying and using different types of Fillers for repair. The interesting thing is that shops that might be located within yards of each other can have completely different feelings about the quality of different products from specific manufacturers and ...

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Nov 13, 2017 · Bondo is an automotive body filler, often used for car and household repairs. You can use Bondo to fill in small dings and smooth out warped panels in a car body. Before you begin applying Bondo, make sure to sand down the paint, replace any rusted metal, and mask off any areas that don’t need filler. After that, you’re ready to apply the bondo and fix any small scratches and dings!

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For surfacing the best is the Contour High Build Polyester Primer. It is extremely high build with almost zero shrinkage. It is very similar to the Contour body filler only in a thinner, sprayable version. It comes out of the gun thick and there is no thinning of reducing, so a 2.0mm spray gun tip is going to be your best bet.

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We’ve got flexible fillers, robust resins and everything else you need for your car bodywork project. Fillers are applied directly to the affected area, building it back up. Once dry, you’ll need to shape them to match the contours of your car. We stock body fillers, bumper repair kits and fibreglass fillers that will all do the job. To get the perfect finish you’ll need to clean and prepare the area, so stock up on wet …

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Jul 23, 2010 · The J-Body Organization, j-body, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile …

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Bondo Fiberglass Resin is the same high-strength polyester resin that is used to build most high-performance watercraft. Bondo Bondo-Hair Filler eliminates the need for fiberglass cloth, and Bondo Fiberglass Resin Jelly is a non-drip formula for vertical surfaces.

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Oct 26, 2015 · Here’s the deal: auto body filler was designed to fill holes in a steel car chassis not wood. That’s what wood filler was designed for. These are two very different materials and they require two very different types of filler. If you want to read all about what types of wood fillers I recommend, read my post The 7 Best Products to Patch Wood.

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Need Help Finding the Right Auto Care Product? Our products are constantly evolving, and 3M experts are always available to help you find the right one. You can call 3M Auto Care Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST at 1-877-666-2277 .

All About Automotive Primer - Types, Information & Tips

Polyester auto primer is perfect for completing small auto body repair jobs and is excellent for spot repairs. For the best rust protection - in situations where rust was present and sanded out, or even where complete rust removal is not an option, moisture cure urethane primer will provide the best protection from further rust damage. Urethane ...

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Apr 27, 2018 · Well, there is another type of body work that contributes to the success of any paint job. It doesn't get the attention that body filler or the various primer sealers do, but it nonetheless has ...

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Rage Ultra is the world’s best sanding body filler. Its unparalleled sanding qualities are a result of the patent pending formula that contains renewable technology. Its non-sag formula has excellent filling properties, while eliminating the need for finishing putty. Rage Ultra contains ZNX-7® and is part of the Metalworks® system.

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For auto and home repairs that require extra strength without the extra time and effort, Bondo Metal Reinforced Filler combines the fast, easy mixing and spreading of traditional body filler with exceptional strength. This simple 2-part filler is reinforced with aluminum – great for use on fiberglass, metal, aluminum and even wood or masonry.

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A High Build Primer - NOT a substitute for body filler.

Klass Kote Epoxy Auto Primer is a high build primer sealer with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. Our primer paint works great over freshly sand blasted metal, body filler, on fiberglass, and will fill minor scores and surface imperfections. It can be sanded to desired smoothness.

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Nov 01, 2011 · Best to use after your initial body work, filler, and a sealer has been applied. The stuff blocks out REALLY nice if you know what your doing, but man is it a load of sanding and dust. The stuff blocks out REALLY nice if you know what your doing, but man is it a load of sanding and dust.

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Epoxy or No Epoxy Under Filler by Serge. The Saga. Many discussions arise around whether or not to put filler over epoxy. Some say, epoxy manufacturers actually support this claim, that filler over epoxy is better. The reasoning behind it is that the filler/epoxy/metal bond is stronger and more flexible (epoxy has more flex than filler…) than the filler direct to metal… I wondered in ...

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Knowing the ins and outs of automotive painting can lead to rewarding careers as a refinishing prep technician, auto body technician or automotive painter. One aspect of this trade that’s often overlooked is applying the skim coat when you’re repainting a car that’s seen better days. The Skim Coat

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Car Body Fillers at Halfords If your vehicle has a few dents or holes, a car body filler will sort it out. Our range of body fillers includes wet and dry sandpaper, brushes, sponges, and the all important car filler itself! Our range isn't just for cars, but is ideal for filling holes .

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Rage Ultra is the world’s best sanding body filler. Its unparalleled sanding qualities are a result of the patent pending formula that contains renewable technology. Its non-sag formula has excellent filling properties, while eliminating the need for finishing putty. Rage Ultra contains ZNX-7® and is part of the Metalworks® system.

: Bondo Metal Reinforced Filler, 90451, 0.7 Pint ...

Bondo Metal Reinforced Filler is easy to use, yet exceptionally strong for repairing and rebuilding metal, fiberglass and more. Reinforced with aluminum, this filler mixes quickly (hardener is included), cures fast and stays very strong – it won’t rust, and it can be drilled, anchored or tapped for non-structural repair.

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Body Filler and Temperature | NastyZ28

Jan 11, 2011 · This one is for the body work experts. I have stripped my car down to bare metal. What is the best temperature to use body filler? I am being told i should probably wait until spring. I will be using Evercoat Rage Gold if that matters.

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Body Filler and Sanding. Automotive filler is often misunderstood. They get a bad rap because of overuse, improper mixing and applying, and they didn't use to be that good. But the modern stuff, used right, is great. Ok, so you have the metal you want to work on down to bare metal and sanded with 80 grit. Now attack it with tools...

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Achieving flawless auto panel repair. DOWNLOAD BODY REPAIR SOLUTIONS GUIDE (PDF, 3.74 MB) The Level Best in Body Repair Glazing and Filling Our selection of 3M body fillers, glazes, reinforced fillers and self-leveling glazes can take you a long way toward smooth, permanent, absolutely consistent body repairs on a full range of substrates. In the process, you can also become much more ...

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Epoxy or No Epoxy Under Filler by Serge. The Saga. Many discussions arise around whether or not to put filler over epoxy. Some say, epoxy manufacturers actually support this claim, that filler over epoxy is better. The reasoning behind it is that the filler/epoxy/metal bond is stronger and more flexible (epoxy has more flex than filler…) than the filler direct to metal… I wondered in ...

What body filler are the pro's using??

Nov 28, 2012 · I do body work and paint work and I've been currently using Rage Gold and it works good. I see the cars from Roadster shop, DSE etc and was wondering what they use for filler and how they're blocking process is. I get body work straight as an arrow But on my 69 Camaro I want it 100% perfect and done like the pro's. any help would be great!

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Jan 25, 2010 · 2K high build primer ,same primer you used 25 years ago,Remember its best use an etch first.But you dont have to these primers key well these days.You must remember polyester spray filler them years ago.It is what it say,s on the can.High build.2 TO3 coats dont pile this stuff on.

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Evercoat created a proprietary fiberglass resin material to repair wooden boats in 1953. Evercoat then entered the auto body repair market in the mid-1950's, with polyester body fillers and putties. Today, Evercoat produces repair fillers and putties for the automotive industry with innovative technologies that make refinishing easier than ever ...

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Bondo Lightweight Body Filler quickly and easily fills in dents, scrapes, chips, cracks and rust holes. Non-shrinking and permanently durable 2-part filler offers reliable repairs for a wide variety of automotive, home and hobby projects. Spreads easily, cures in just 20 minutes so that it can be sanded and painted for same day project ...

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Aug 20, 2007 · Epoxy primer has a MUCH harder coat and will resist damage of all sorts. It is a lot harder to sand once it has set up than high build primer. It is intended as a base coat, upon which you can fill with body filler and other products like high build primer before paint.

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Apr 01, 2014 · Rage Extreme is more of a general purpose body filler. If you have a finer poly putty it would work out better for you. If you have a finer poly putty it …

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For years I’ve been pushing polyester auto body filler as one of the best materials there is for filling holes, dents, cracks and gouges in wood.

How To Correctly Do Auto Sanding On Bodywork Repairs

Mar 08, 2018 · How To Correctly Do Auto Sanding On Bodywork Repairs March 8, 2018 December 1, 2015 by Tony Discover the Methods of Auto Sanding such as Using an Auto Sanding Block vs. Long Sanding Board and How to Correctly Sand Auto Body Filler so that all Body Panels are left Perfectly Smooth and Flawless.

Ready-to-use Metal Repair and Patching Compound

Its strength, hardness, durability and abrasion resistance surpass basic requirements for fillers set by the nation’s largest metalworking plants. Lab-metal is the repair putty of choice because of its extensive can life, ready-to-use formulation, versatility of applications, and durability.

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USC has set the industry standard when it comes to formulating and manufacturing high performance repair and refinishing products. In fact, we were the first body filler manufacturer in the U.S. and today, we continue to lead with the industry's best products here in the U.S. and abroad.

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May 16, 2004 · What you want to do is ridiculous and not necesarry. sand the surface to bare metal where you want to put filler (grinding it works best/quickest). then apply your fiberglass filler, shape it fairly well using nothing finer than 80 grit, then put your plastic body filler over it. Then you can use a finish filler which is ussually polyester and ...

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Epoxy primers have excellent adhesion properties and will stick to bare metal, paints, primers and fillers. This means you can hit an area with epoxy primer that’s been sanded down to bare metal, repaired with body filler, and then feathered into the original paint.

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The chemical reaction between body filler and the hardener also depends greatly on room temperature of you workshop. I would say anywhere from 70 degrees to 95 degrees. If it’s in that 90’s range in your workspace a shop fan always helps. Make sure after mixing your putty that it …

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Apr 30, 2019 · Yet, when applying over body filler, the wait times are very different — one hour wait time for one coat. If spraying two coats, the product must dry overnight before applying over body filler. Wet sanding epoxy primer is usually the best way to prep it because epoxy has a tendency to clog paper when sanded dry.

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Buy Multi Purpose Fillers from Screwfix. UK call centre ready for your call 24/7. Buy online and collect from hundreds of stores nationwide in just 5 minutes! Carry the catalogue in your pocket. Easy returns, with 30 day money back guarantee.

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Sep 10, 2019 · How to Mix Bondo. If your automobile is rusty or you get in a collision and the damage isn't too extensive, you can patch the dings with a body repair product called Bondo. Learn to mix Bondo and save money, as Bondo, also called body...

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Jan 30, 2005 · Grippy The "magic metal"type fillers are basically a resin with either powdered slate, talc,,or similar inert filling powder. Possibly there are some high class resins that have some strength remaining at 230 temp but i would be dubious if such resins are compounded into filler pastes for the motor trade - - maybe I am wrong - - maybe there is a special one for auto silencer patching - -but ...

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May 27, 2015 · Bondo’s Auto Body Filler is the ideal product for this. I used my trusty old all purpose tool to work the mixture into the hole. If you have enough hardener in the mix, the mixture will start setting in a few seconds….I just kept working it in until the mixture hardened and stopped running.

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2-component polyester primer/surfacer has excellent filling characteristics and superior adhesion to steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, OE finishes, self-etching primers and body fillers. Contents Contour® Sprayable Polyester Primer-Surfacer/Gray, Qt.